Spring Catalogue – WZRDTEK

Wizard technique (WZRDTEK) is a project by Adam Burger. It is a platform for creatives to collaborate and participate in. They produce a range of clothing, mostly hoodies, long-sleeve shirts and t-shirts. They produce their pieces sustainably and locally, which is a big part of their appeal.

WZRDTEK’s aesthetic is a combination of classical 90s grunge and modern trends. It proved a wonderful challenge, when designing the catalogue, as it is a style not attempted at Silience before. The biggest challenge, and greatest reward when it was achieved, was finding the balance between grunge and modernism.

The goals of the WZRDTEK catalogue are
– Present the spring 2020 collections
– Coherently fit the WZRDTEK aesthetic
– Produce a catalogue that was creatively dynamic and also easily digestible by the reader

For this catalogue I worked with Adam to photograph his new line of clothing, as well as a few collections that were re-running. The photo editing process focused on applying vintage filters and distortion to the images, in order to fit the overall aesthetic of the brand.

The catalogue consists of three collections; Demonology, Scanning of Modulations, and Faced with Anarchy. Demonology is the collection that was released this spring. Scanning of Modulations is a run of one-of-a-kind prints, and Faced with Anarchy is a popular collection that was being re-printed and re-run. Each page’s design used elements from their respective collections as well as grunge textures in order to achieve the perfect balance of vintage and modern aesthetics.

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