Re-brand & Menu design

Paseyo re-brand

Reason for rebrand: Under its current management Paseyo no longer identifies with the black and white, handwritten wordmark and bird icon that is the central element of their brand identity.

Paseyo’s current brand perception: Currently Paseyo is seen as the cafe for healthy, vegan, alternative and mature clientele. It offers wholesome and balanced meals at an affordable price and is attractive to low-medium income earners predominantly aged 30+.

Paseyo’s desired rebrand perception: Paseyo’s new brand identity will incorporate the strongest elements of its old brand – healthy, wholesome and affordable food with a strong focus on community; and introduce a more current and youthful visual aesthetic to help attract the areas of the Mullumbimby cafe-going market it is currently not reaching. It will present as an aesthetic cafe location to get food, smoothies and coffee etc. for both the current clientele (which already love Paseyo) and the younger demographic of the Byron Shire. 

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