Footpath Stickers – ArtWalk

For this project I designed a series of footpath stickers and posters for ArtWalk. ArtWalk is a community project organised by the Port Macquarie Hastings Point Council. It provides a space and opportunity for local creatives to showcase their work and also attract visitors to the region boosting the local economy. In previous years it has operated as an event which encouraged large crowds, interaction with artists, artworks and each other. However with COVID-19 ArtWalk is adapting this year and is running under the banner, ‘The Longest Footpath Art Gallery.

This year ArtWalk will be running through three locations’ CBDs. They are; Port Macquarie, Wauchope and Laurieton.
Artists will be displaying their work in businesses’ windows which will act as the ‘gallery walls’ for the ArtWalk.

The goals for the designs of the footpath stickers are
– To identify participating businesses
– Remind people to follow the COVID safe rules; eg. social distancing and wearing a mask

I have designed three suites of stickers which are cohesive and relate to each other.
The suites are designed for each of the locations of the ArtWalk; Port Macquarie, Wauchope and Laurieton.

There are two sticker designs per suite and each suite is inspired by the natural features and geography of the location.

Port Macquarie focuses on rocks and the beach

Wauchope focuses on the nature reserves and trees

Laurieton focuses on the hills and the coast line

The style of the stickers has taken inspiration from the ArtWalk branding, which feels quite young. I have created vector landscapes, in Adobe Illustrator, that are bright and vibrant. I chose this style so that it can relate to the original ArtWalk branding while still being unique and a more mature style.

To remind people to be covid safe, I have included a section at the bottom of each of the footpath stickers which has icons and text relating to physical distancing and washing hands/sanitising regularly.

Each suite has a poster which has re-used the vector landscapes to connect the whole project. Included in the poster is information about the events that ArtWalk will be offering.

Finally I designed a smaller sticker, which is for businesses’ to put in their windows to indicate they are participating in ArtWalk. This window sticker is included in the design of each of the footpath stickers with the text ‘look out for me.’ This was to achieve the first goal of the project, ‘to identify participating businesses.’

This project was completed as part of my degree at university and may or may not be used by Port Macquarie Hastings Point Council in ArtWalk 2020.

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