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Appreciation is an amazing tool which can help people open up to themselves and those around them. To show kindness, attention and acknowledgement. The Appreciation Cards can be used in a variety of ways. They can be a tool for corporate group work and functions as well as a tool for individuals to use in their lives, to help improve their communication and appreciation skills.

The cards are based on the Eneagram. The Eneagram is essentially, and yet far more complex than, a personality test. It is broken up into three sectors which each have three Types. Every person is a combination of these nine types but usually displays a dominant type. The types each have their ‘healthy’ and ‘unhealthy’ behaviours. So the goal is to strive to be the best version of your dominant type as well as those of the other eight types.

The goals of the Appreciation Cards are
– Expand people’s vocabulary
– Increase the use of Appreciation in regular conversation
– Create a useful team building tool

The Appreciation Cards are a deck of 60 cards. There are 10 designs within the deck; one for each Type and the tenth for the informational cards.
The cards have been designed to help people articulate how they’re feeling towards other people or themselves.

Each colour scheme and floral line graphic has been carefully picked to suit the energy and personality of their respective types, and the overall neutral landscape background design connects the different cards.

Each card has a large ‘Appreciation’ word on the front with three smaller synonyms underneath it. On the reverse side of each card there is a question related to the appreciation word on the front of the card. This style of question is called an Incisive Question and is designed to help you think more deeply about the word on the card.

These cards were completed for About Learning. A link for purchase is coming soon…

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